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Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Danish-Swedish Farmdog



First National Breed Specialty



Accepted into the AKC/FSS Program



Moved into AKC Miscellaneous Group


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The Danish-Swedish Farmdog  

was originally known as a Danish Pinscher. This little dog could be seen on the farms of both Denmark and Southern Sweden. The Farmdog was saved from extinction by the joint effort of the kennel clubs of Denmark and Sweden in 1987. Outgoing and versatile, the Farmdog loves to work and enjoys a challenge. They have excelled in a variety of dog sports and activities including obedience, agility, flyball, K9 Nose Work, lure coursing, and tracking. They work well as therapy and companion dogs and so much more.

Personality Plus

Farmdogs are very people oriented and are loving companions. They need their exercise and can be tenacious in their pursuit of the elusive rodent, snake, bird, leaf or grasshopper, but they have that all important “off switch” and will take that nap, after their work is done!  When they are brought into the family as a puppy, with the proper training and family life they can be and do almost anything.

Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are often mistaken for terriers, but their shape is more rectangular, and their structure is more angulated than most terrier breeds. And as we like to emphasize "They do have an OFF mode"

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog Competing in Sports


Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are the all-time highest titled dogs in both the NAFA and U-FLI Leagues.

Farmdogs are highly focused with strong drive making them one of the most desired height dogs on Flyball teams.

You can learn more about the basics of Flyball and the Farmdogs that compete HERE. This light hearted article was written from the dog's point of view.

Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is an activity in which a dog chases a mechanical lure. The game is played on a “course”, or flat stretch of ground that may or may not have obstacles along the way. Farmdogs first started competing in Lure Coursing in Southern California's Wags for Wishes events in 2004.

You can read about the basics of Lure Coursing and see the dogs that competed for fun at Wags for Wishes in 2004 HERE.

Nose Work/Scent Work

Nose Work is canine detection. You may have heard it called nose work, scent work, Fun K9 Nose Work, or search work. It is the activity of a dog using its nose to locate a specific scent or odor. The training is similar to the way dogs are trained for Search and Rescue (SAR) and security drug and bomb detection.

You can read more about Nose Work/Scent Work and how the Farmdogs got started in the sport HERE.